is an Architect-Led Design-Build company established in 1990 by Emmanouil G Peponis, Cretan born but who has also studied in Genoa and Venice and has work experience in America, Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Italy and Greece and speaks fluent English and Italian.

He is a member of ICOMOS, (International Council on Monuments and Sites), EUROPA NOSTRA (the Pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage), and several governmental architectural related committees and is a licensed Estate Agent and Property Valuer (P.B.O). Our 30 years experience has taught us that the Architect-Led Design-Build method for renovation, refurbishment and of course new builds, is the most successful and satisfying for both client and company.

strongly believes that design matters and building matters. Better buildings result when architects take on the construction process. Our approach to Architect-Led Design-Build ensures that the building solution is done correctly.

From design to building to developer to owner, we do what it takes and we care how it gets done. “Outside our scope” is not in our vocabulary.

Our range of projects including new built houses, refurbishments and historic restorations are all unique, because every project is specific.

We are dedicated to meeting the dreams of our clients. It is their stories we want to tell.

Architectural Led Design and Build

works as a single source responsibility for the design, construction and commissioning of buildings. Typically, an owner hires an Architect to design a building and then a Contractor to oversee the Sub- Contractors who build it. The project owner or stakeholders often lose out financially and aesthetically.

With the Architect-Led Design-Build process, the same people are responsible for the entire building project. The Architect is also Construction Manager, so liaison between design and method of construction is fluid. Priorities between design, cost and schedule are clear. For the past 30 years, Peponis+architects have engaged in the Architect-Led Design-Build system.

works as the single point of contract for the client, managing the project’s design and construction, as Construction Manager and sub-contracting to specific known trade persons. With the focus on what is actually happening on the site, a more creative and coherent piece of architecture results.

A general contractor has a general liability policy to cover construction and quality problems. But this is passed down the line to the Sub-Contractors. With Architect-Led Design-Build the Architect accepts full responsibility and working so closely with the general contractor, the potential for problems is greatly reduced.

Architects are sensitive to costs, schedules and materials during design and are more attuned to addressing quality issues during construction. Integration is the key point. The same person who is designing the project is the same person who is managing the project and working with those building it.

To see a project through from concept, design and build to the finished product is a source of great satisfaction to all involved in the process and this is often reflected in the small personal touches which can arise from a close working relationship.

Our impression over the years shows us this is what our clients prefer.

Architectural Services

The first question when renovating, refurbishing or building is, of course, how much will it cost? Closely followed by how long will it take?

The Architect and the team work closely with the client to establish initially what the project will involve and how this will meet the client’s expectations, needs, requirements, budget and time frame.

As Architects and Builders, we have the tools and programmes to assist in assessing these points in order to plan and determine what is feasible and realistic. We are in a position to help clients strategically plan their project and consider construction options that affect the economically viability of the project. Ultimately these early decisions are up to the project owners, but we can serve as a valuable resource to clarify options.

This is another advantage of the Architect-Led Design-Build method.

But there is more. Our Architectural services extend to include the following:

  • Building Permits applications and submissions of any kind
  • Archeological and Forestal applications required for Building Permits
  • Urban Authority liaison
  • Topographic Survey measuring and production
  • Engineering, Structural and Mechanical Studies
  • Vertical and Horizontal Sub-Division preparations and submissions to the relevant authorities
  • 3D drawings
  • The Preliminary approach and Elaborations for all projects
  • Project Analytic pre-costs on request
  • Cadastre issues
  • Landscaping
  • Internal decoration, fixtures, fittings and furnishings

New Build

At the creation of a new building from scratch is a challenge we welcome.

The Architect-Led Design-Build method lends itself very well to the conception, design, planning, studies and permits, construction and project management to final key in hand of the new build.

Working closely together the Architect and client form a picture of what the new built home or other type of building will be. Every tiny aspect must be considered from the design, interior layouts, façade, thermal, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and electronic details to the minutiae of fixtures, fittings and accessories.
The Architect can help the client visualize the project as a whole. Experience has shown them that all things must be taken in consideration such as road access, environmental impact, utility supplies, garage, landscaping, ease of swimming pool installation and even the planting of trees and the building of boundary walls. Additionally, within the house cabling for future heating/cooling system, telephone and Internet and security are vital points to be discussed.

The orientation of the building is extremely important with the view as a prime factor but it must also be sheltered from the vivid Cretan elements such as strong sun, winds and winter rains.

With many years of new building projects in our portfolio, we are well placed to achieve the design and build of our client’s dream home.


In refurbishment and renovations are subjects close to the heart.

Horrified at off-plan, profit-led, non-aesthetic, cold and characterless renovations and refurbishments, Emmanouil and his team dedicate themselves to ensuring their renovations and refurbishments blend in with the environment and surroundings. Traditional methods and products are used when feasible or re- using old features and materials. The combination of the traditional is merged with the modern and to include all the conveniences, electrical and electronic equipment deemed essential to everyday life today.

The fact that a building already exists and the client is not working from scratch with a blank piece of paper in front of them, means the client can more easily understand how the end product could be. Our client’s input is important to us and we welcome their contributions, desires, tastes and ideas. In the end, there should be light and colour. There should be character and comfort. There should be warmth and love.

A house is a home and where the heart is.

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